Assedio alla Villa: our show of fire, led and aerial dance

A spectacular tribute to the great genius of Leonardo da Vinci 500 years after his death, told through fire shows, aerial acrobatics performances and dances in the splendid setting of the Medici Villa in Poggio a Caiano.

35th edition of Assedio alla Villa

The 35th edition of the traditional Assedio alla Villa event ended successfully. From September 13th to 15th, the streets of Poggio a Caiano were enlivened with stands, art exhibitions and great shows, all with the aim of celebrating the wonders of our Tuscany and paying tribute to two characters who made it great: Leonardo da Vinci and Cosimo I de’ Medici.

Just to celebrate the 500 years that this year occur since the death of Leonardo, Gabriele Zeloni and the event committee, have commissioned us to create a show that told the various souls of this immense genius. Thus was born: Leonardo, luci fuori dal tempo.

Our performance: a true artistic production

The show that we designed and staged in the courtyard of the Medici villa included, not only performances with fire and led lights, but others and numerous disciplines. With all these arts, in one great show, we told Leonardo’s love for painting, physics and engineering.

With our LED pois, we have graphically reproduced the most famous paintings and quotations of the genius, projecting them on the facade of the villa. The flying experiments were instead told by an aerial acrobatic performance combined with a dance performed with winged clothes studded with LEDs: our luminous butterflies.

Finally, to describe the studies of war engineering we chose the fire. The celebrations for the important anniversary have ended with surprising and unexpected pyrotechnic effects.

Video projections on the facade of the villa

First of all, the visual project created by Gabriele Zeloni and elaborated and made possible by Alessandro Di Fraia for Interprof Rent by Michele Percopo contributed to the success of the show.

On the façade of the villa of Poggio a Caiano, the works of the genius have thus made their appearance: from the Mona Lisa to the Annunciation, passing through studies on flight. The collaboration between our team of artists and their creativity has been successful. This was seen in the number of spectators that increased from evening to evening.

The entire team of Lumen Invoco for a unique show

The entirely personalized and perfectly designed show taking into account the spaces of the Villa Medicea, were attended by the students who attend our basic and advanced courses, the professional performers of the group and three rhythmic gymnastics athletes of Punto Sport.

Together we created an artistic production that made this edition of Assedio alla Villa really special. We are happy and still excited by the success achieved. Our aim is always to offer the public an opportunity to get excited and performing in this event we are sure to have succeeded!

Proof of this is the fact that, even if the event has ended, we continue to be stopped on the street and to receive compliments from the spectators of the party.


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