Entertainment for private events: here are our tips

The perfect entertainment for private events is the one that blends more with the atmosphere of the party. A wedding show has to be an emotional character, an animation for birthdays has to entertain the audience, while a corporate show has to be very powerful.

Wedding entertainment with fire show

For newlyweds who wish to embellish their wedding reception, we recommend a fire show with fireworks as the main entertainment. With the solemnity of the fire and the elegance of our artists, the result is an evocative performance that will remain in the hearts of newlyweds and guests.

Another interesting type of entertainment for exclusive weddings is undoubtedly that of bright butterflies. Stunning professional performers with elegant bright costumes will perform in choreography or traveling between the tables, setting the guests in a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

Entertainment for birthday party with custom led shows

Whether you are planning a gala dinner, birthday party or anniversary, our Led Graphic Show is definitely the most suitable party entertainment. In addition to wonderful games of light you can reproduce names of the celebrated, years and greetings. An original idea to surprise the audience.

For the time of the dj set, while guests dance, we recommend our bright entertainment for birthdays and special occasions. An itinerant performance of light juggling during which our artists dance among the guests charging your party with energy.

Entertainment for corporate events with light shows

Over the years, we at the Lumen Invoco team have been committed to developing better entertainment for corporate events. We recommend our led shows for meetings, conventions for the presentation of new products, dinners, or company anniversaries.

The light entertainment, performance with led lights made with balls of light can accompany guests during an aperitif or interval a dinner. Moreover, the Led Graphic Show, thanks to the bespoke light performance of the company logo, is an amazing finale.


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