Wedding in Borgo di Colleoli in collaboration with Chiara Trallori

Chiara Trallori, musician and entrepreneur deals with the organization of private and public events. Together with her we made a wonderful fire show in Borgo di Colleoli, making Andy and Steve’s wedding even more special.

Our collaboration with Chiara

Chiara Trallori, besides being a fantastic musician, takes care of the organization of weddings, corporate events and public and private concerts. She takes care of musical entertainment and the artistic aspect, always with great professionalism and passion.

She graduated from the conservatory with the highest grades in harp, she played with many orchestras and chamber groups, as well as a soloist, and today accompanies the most prestigious events with her enchanting music. Furthermore, she guides her clients in the choices regarding the organization of the event as a whole.

The event at Borgo di Colleoli

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Chiara on the occasion of the wedding of Andy and Steve. She proposed them our fire show with fireworks finale to make the moment of cutting the cake unforgettable. Our light entertainment for weddings was perfect for surprise guests during the DJ set.

The bride and groom welcomed Chiara’s proposal with great enthusiasm and so, in the charming setting of Borgo di Colleoli, one of the most beautiful historic houses in Tuscany, we made our show.

Surprise show for the guests

Everything was organized by Chiara in the detail, so that no one would notice us until the time of the exhibition. Andy and Steve wanted our show to be a surprise, as well as a gift for all the guests who shared such a special day with them.

Once the dinner was over, the guests headed towards the pool where our artists were waiting for them. The bride and groom positioned themselves in front of us and at that point the magic started. The warmth of the fire and a sparkling finale made the evening even more unforgettable.


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