How we develop our led show for corporate events

Our team performs in customized shows for all types of corporate events, studying a unique exhibition for every occasion: from the anniversary to the Christmas dinner to inaugurations and congresses.

Entertainment shows for corporate events

Our led shows are custom designed for each individual event. This technology allows us to customize logos, theme images and special messages. The goal is to make the corporate event unique by creating personalized shows where the brand is the true protagonist of the evening.

This show with custom graphics is perfect for dinners, anniversaries, inaugurations and presentations of new products that take place both in open spaces and in internal rooms.

Our artists for your corporate events

Every luminous performance that we bring to the stage is born from the great passion of our team for poi art that drives us to look for solutions that are always new for the entertainment of corporate events. In addition to this there is also a careful study of each customer who turns to our team to amaze their guests during a special evening.

Knowing our client’s brand well is essential to create the perfect show. The music, the images that are projected on our tools and the costumes we will wear for the occasion, must fully reflect the character and taste of the company.

Show for company conventions

Behind the realization of our shows for business conventions there are many hours of planning and training. Through a multimedia program and innovative tools, called Visual Poi, we create the graphics that will make up our luminous choreography.

Thanks to the innovative LED technology it is possible to create a performance for corporate events that is always unique and personalized, inserting images, special messages, numbers, for example in the case of a corporate anniversary, and above all the protagonist logo within the visual sequence.

Custom led graphics

During our led show, in addition to the projection of the logo, it is also possible to reproduce messages to surprise the public on special occasions. For example during a Christmas dinner where the company wishes Happy Holidays to its partners, employees and exclusive guests.

Just the personalized messages within the graphic succession are the surprise effect that makes our led show, one of the most original corporate events shows you can find by searching for artists for events in Italy. The applause and enthusiasm of the guests is assured.


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