Backstage: our fire and led shows

We guide you behind the scenes of our shows to share with you our passion and the many hours of training necessary to create charming and exciting choreographies.

How a choreography is born

Behind a show ready to go on stage, there are many hours of work. Initially, we choose the most appropriate music for what we want to tell, share ideas and, once the choreography is laid out, we dedicate ourselves to the creation of choreography with the aim of merging synchronism and harmony of movements.

Being able to grasp the same nuances of a music requires a great personal harmony. Spending many hours training, helps to strengthen more and more the necessary link to create the right complicity between us. During performances with fire or with LEDs, it is essential to understand each other with just one look.

Customizing our led show

Behind the customization of a company logo or a special message there are many hours of work. Through a multimedia program and innovative tools called Visual Poi, we create the graphics that will compose our luminous choreography.

The first step is to choose the song that will accompany the show, the second is to create an engaging and energetic choreography and the third is to create a succession of images on the computer that will alternate with music and with our movements. So all that remains is to turn on the tools and admire the result.

Tailor-made costumes

We have a wide variety of costumes, suitable for many occasions, all designed and made by the skilfull hands of Fabrizio Fedi. Always inspired by high fashion and trends of the moment, Fabrizio designs and creates tailor-made clothes for us, selecting the finest and most suitable fabrics to move safely even with fire.

Their beauty and care for every detail never go unnoticed. Sophisticated in their style, and extremely elegant, our clothes allow us to always appear impeccable at every event, always receiving great compliments from the public.


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