Private events

Amazing led shows with personalized greetings, suggestive fire performances, and the enchanting dance of the bright butterflies, are the entertainment services that we offer to surprise guests and celebrate a special occasion.

Entertainment for birthdays

To surprise the guests with an exclusive Birthday Party, we create a personalized birthday show during which we reproduce chromatic fantasies in line with the mood of the evening, the name of the birthday boy, the years, and written thanks or welcome that the protagonist of the evening wishes to dedicate to his guests.

Our led-show is also a very original gift idea for birthdays. If it is a surprise show, our luminous choreography will reproduce a message of good wishes and a special dedication, through which you will understand the author of the gift.

Led-Show for a marriage proposal

On the occasion of wedding anniversaries or the renewal of a wedding promise, we design a romantic and elegant Led Graphic Show, during which we reproduce the names of the spouses and the years of marriage. If the evening instead provides for a proposal of marriage, on our graphic led will appear to great surprise the traditional question: “Will you marry me?”.

During the dinner, waiting for the grand finale represented by the Led Show, we enchant the audience with the show Butterflies Dance, the ideal entertainment for private events to make it even more enjoyable waiting for the next course.

Shows for luxury events

Exciting performances of fire and sparkling fireworks represent the crowning of the evening. Whether it is a romantic occasion, a Gala dinner, or a Birthday Party, our skilled and elegant fire artists will make every event exclusive.

With the desire to leave an even more unforgettable memory of the party, we created an entertainment show for luxury events that encloses in a single performance suggestive techniques of fire, pyrotechnic effects, and graphic customization of the names of the guests and messages for guests.


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