Light Entertainment

This is a unique led show, which will be the setting for the bride and groom during the first dance and will involve guests to start the dance during the DJ set. It also represents the interlude to animate a birthday party or a corporate dinner.

Light show for exclusive events

During our animation for weddings, we create a rainbow of colors as a background for the bride and groom during their traditional first dance. The magic continues with the DJ set: at this stage of the evening, our performers dance together with guests creating a fun time of juggling bright traveling.

Thanks to the ability of the artists to dance in freestyle accompanied by the music of the DJ, our Light Entertainment is also a fun and versatile show for exclusive birthdays and original entertainment service for private parties, both in open spaces and indoors.

Technical data

Duration of the Show

The duration of a choreography for a dinner or meeting is 5 minutes. For the dj set of a wedding or a birthday party we entertain the audience for about 20/30 minutes. The duration of the parade can be determined according to the needs.

Max Area

In the presence of stage, the measure of the necessary space is proportional to the number of artists involved: we need an area of 5×4 meters for three artists, 8×6 meters for five artists and 14×10 meters for nine artists.

N. Performer

We play this entertain show with three, five or nine performers.

Additional notes

The show does not require spaces or particular installations. We can perform this dance among the guests or crossing streets and squares of a city. The show can be adapted to suit every need.

Light entertainment for gala dinner

On the occasion of corporate gala dinners, our animation with led instruments is the ideal choice to entertain guests between courses. This dinner show proposes an itinerant performance between the tables or by presenting a spectacular luminous choreography.

The led dance performed by our artists for corporate events also lends itself perfectly to entertaining the audience of meetings and conventions, creating a pleasant moment of entertainment. We can play the performance with LED lights in daylight, too. But the event must take place in a darkened room.

Light animation for public events

There is a third place for our service of light animation and is that of public events, which often include a parade in costume through the city by participants, flag bearers, and street artists participating in the parade.

We create a parade and animate the streets with lively evolutions of juggling light. These street shows can also be accompanied by live music played by itinerant musicians, on which we make beautiful choreographies and we disperse through the streets of the village.


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