Day Welcome

Among our wedding shows and exclusive parties, we offer daytime traveling entertainment. It represents an original idea to receive guests when they arrive and make them feel immediately welcome. This colorful and dynamic entertainment is perfect for the welcome cocktail.

Welcome show for the guests

Our fire and LED shows for events are certainly more appreciable after sunset; we recommend presenting them during the cutting of the cake moment or during dinner to make it more pleasant waiting for the next course.

We have created a welcome show that perfectly meets a day welcome. Our artists, with elegant and bright colors costumes, dance with refined silk fans, wishing a warm welcome to the guests.

Technical data

Duration of the Show

The duration of this show in traveling mode is 30 minutes. However, if you desider a single coreography, the show has the time of a song.

Max Area

In the presence of a stage, we need a surface of 5×4 meters.

N. Performers

The Day Welcome entertainment is performed by three artists.

Additional notes

The show does not require spaces or particular installations. We can adapt the dance for the Day Welcome to every need.

Show for the welcome cocktail of the wedding

This entertainment by Lumen Invoco is perfect to welcome the guests of a wedding reception. Providing entertainment for weddings during the welcome drink is very important. Because the newlyweds are often busy with the photographer and will make their entry into the venue later.

Therefore, our artists of entertainment for wedding receptions will be ready, with their enchanting smiles and the beauty of their performing art, to make every guest feel immediately at home in the venue.

Welcome entertainment for corporate events

The welcoming show of our artists is also a functional entertainment for corporate events. The participants, upon their arrival, will be pleasantly surprised by beautiful dancers who dance traveling, accompanied by the background music of the DJ or a live band.

In the presence of a stage and the need to intersperse a meeting or a lunch with a short and structured corporate show, we create a synchronized dance choreography during which harmony and lightness are the protagonists. A piece of music from our repertoire will be the soundtrack to the performance.


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