Corporate events

Through digital LED tools that change graphics in music time, we create an incredibly futuristic and impactful corporate show, during which we customize logos, brand images and keywords and messages related to the company’s mission.

Led-Show with the company logo

Our led-show with custom logo is undoubtedly the most innovative corporate event entertainment you can find. The performance with led lights is perfect for boosting the brand awareness on the occasion of Gala dinners, presentations of new commercial products and conventions. It is particularly suitable to be represented in villas, auditoriums and conference rooms.

In obscurable venue, the show with custom graphics is an excellent solution to intersperse a business meeting day. Elegant and refined dresses will further enhance the luminous performance.

Tailor-made entertainment for the company

During the show we alternate in succession up to 180 images of led-lights to create a chromatic path. The customization of the company logo comes into play when the music is most charged, representing the surprise effect that no one expects. The applause of the guests during the appearance of the brand is assured.

Each graphic design is agreed together with the organization to create a custom moment of entertainment.

Additional shows for corporate dinners

In addition to the Led Graphic Show, corporate event entertainment par excellence, a Gala dinner can be further enhanced by colorful corporate event entertainment. Light Entertainment is the ideal service to intersperse courses and to welcome guests during the welcome drink.

Another entertainment performance that, because of its elegance and spectacularity, fits perfectly into the organization of an institutional dinner is the Butterflies Dance show. Bright dancers will enchant the audience by dancing among the tables, making the evening even more enjoyable.


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