Public events

We surprise the people of public events in the square with amazing fire shows and performances with LED lights, through which we enhance historical re-enactments, white nights, and patronal festivals and celebrate the memory of important characters of the past.

Show for historical re-enactments and medieval festivals

The fire, primordial element par excellence, has always been the main attraction of historical re-enactments and festivals set in ancient villages. Its beauty and its fascinating danger make it irresistible in the eyes of adults and children.

Inspired by the desire to travel back in time with our audience, we create enchanting shows for medieval dinners, fire performances for Renaissance parties, and exciting fire shows for historical re-enactments.

Show for patronal and historical parades

Fall in love with the ancient traditions of our country and the folklore with which we celebrate anniversaries, we realize on request shows for custom patronal celebrations dedicated to the saint patron of the city.

We also develop artistic productions and creative concepts in order to pass on the story of memorable characters. With the support of computerized led instruments, we reproduce famous phrases or characterize images related to the character.
On the occasion of a historical parade or a white night instead, we project the banners of the various districts and the logos of the municipalities.

Street and square parades

Our entertainment for public events, characterized by fire shows in medieval style, is the main show of a historical re-enactment or a public event. At the same time, our itinerant parade, is the perfect solution to intrigue visitors who walk along the streets.

This kind of animation, with its lively evolutions of light juggling, can also be accompanied by melodies played by itinerant musicians. Our artists, along the way, can make beautiful choreographies or disperse in the crowd interacting with the audience.


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