About us

Thanks to our long experience in the sector of Destination Wedding, corporate events and luxury events, we design impressive performances for each moment of the reception, starting from the arrival of guests until the moment of the DJ set, making your party even more special.

Who we are

My name is Sinaida and I am Managing Director and Performer of the group. My adventure began at the age of 16, when thanks to Fabrizio Fedi’s teachings I started practicing the art of Poid Pois, the star discipline of our shows. Seeing the amazement in the eyes of the spectators and at each event feeling their enthusiasm, made me realize that bringing beauty and joy through art was my mission.

Today, my goal as an artist and entrepreneur is to create original, personalized and exciting entertainment for each event that will help companies, future wedding couples or the protagonists of an exclusive party create an unforgettable memory of their evening.

A team of professional artists

Over time, I have established a team of female artists who collaborate with me on corporate and Destination Wedding events. Each team member plays a synergistic role within the company, starting from the creative development of the show to the fine-tuning of the choreography.

Valentina is our Graphic Designer and meticulously designs all the graphics that make up the custom led shows for corporations and wedding couples. Laura makes sure there is never a shortage of materials and accessories for our performances, and Alessia reviews each choreography with great care.

Our values

Elegance, Synchronicity, and Reliability are the three values that will also allow you to differentiate your event by your choice of unique, upscale entertainment.

Refined dresses, specially designed and tailored by our tailor, will give each performance elegance, femininity and beauty reflecting the care taken in organizing your occasion. Engaging choreography perfectly synchronized to the music and spectacular light shows will complete the magic by exciting every participant.

Finally, during each fire show, we ensure maximum safety and protection of the stage by using fireproof carpets on which we place our equipment. We also have specific insurance that protects our performers, audience and host venue.


How do you want your event to be remembered?
What kind of experience would you like your guests to have?
Tell us about it, and starting from your ideas we will create the best entertainment for you.

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