Nine artists for unforgettable shows of fire and LED

The Lumen Invoco team is expanding again and welcomes a new trio of artists within the group, reaching a total of nine professionals. Each artist has a very precise role within the team and makes sure that outside and inside the scene, everything is always perfect.

Sinaida, the team manager and artistic director

Sinaida, leader of the group, takes care of the entire managerial sphere of the team and directs all the artistic part that concerns the fire and led performances. She selects the soundtracks that accompany each entertainment show and study each choreography in detail.

Thanks to this great work of preparation and training, the repertoire is very rich in performances: fire shows for weddings accompanied by evocative and exciting songs, led shows for corporate events and gala dinners but also animation format.

Valentina, the graphics that takes care of the personalized LED shows

Valentina is the graphics of the group. Thanks to her knowledge of the techniques of composition and graphic design she deals with the preparation and realization of a company show or a performance with custom design for weddings or special birthdays.

Every image, every writing, every reproduction of a company logo that appears on our LED instruments is prepared by Valentina. The creation of a LED show involves many hours of work, but the enthusiasm of the audience who rejoices when we attend our performance repays every effort.

The care of the instruments for the shows is entrusted to Laura

Laura introduces herself as responsible og “craftmanship”. In reality, her accomplice is really precious: she makes sure that in our warehouse nothing is ever missing. A show of fire involves the use of many materials that are often recomposed.

Laura then provides the purchase of fuel with which we treat our instruments, provides candles with which we set up our internships, always creating a magical atmosphere, and supplies the warehouse with the artificial fountains with which we realize our fireworks shows.

Artists of fire and light LED

Alessia, Virginia and Chiara have been with us for many years and perform on the occasion of all kinds of events, creating incredible shows for newlyweds and animations for exclusive birthdays. They also entertain the audience of show restaurants by presenting variety shows suitable for every location.

Natalia, Marina and Giulia, joined by strong complicity are the newcomers and form a very close-knit trio. From the beginning, they proved promising artists of fire and LED. In addition, Giulia enriches our shows with other wonderful artistic disciplines such as aerial acrobatics.


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