For the most important day of each couple, we create exciting fire shows, bespoke led shows for newlyweds, performances of bright butterflies, and colorful animation for weddings. Our goal is to make every moment of the evening so special, from dinner to the DJ set.

Fire Show and the pyrotechnic grand finale

Supported by the power of the fire element and an exciting soundtrack, we create a unique fire show for weddings to enchant the guests. Suggestions and remarkable technical skill, femininity, and great strength are the perfect mixes to create an unforgettable show.

Spectacular pyrotechnic effects made with our artificial fountains will be the sparkling conclusion of the fire performance and the evocative setting of an unforgettable event: this is the perfect closure for exclusive events taking place outside of estates, castles, and venues.

Custom led show for newlyweds

Led Graphic Show was born from our desire to offer each couple a custom and unique wedding show, totally in line with the wishes of our customers and with the style of their wedding reception.

Through digital led instruments, we reproduce hearts and chromatic patterns in line with the event colors. Moreover, we customize the names of the spouses. We also screen special welcome or thank-you messages that couples want to give to their guests. A show with avant-garde led lights, perfect to anticipate the moment of the disco.

Bright butterflies for exclusive events

Gorgeous ballerinas with bright white dresses will envelop the audience in a warm and poetic atmosphere creating the ideal setting for a fairytale wedding. Through the harmony of a dance that evokes the flight of butterflies, our Led Butterflies, specialized in entertainment for luxury events, will create a pleasant interlude during dinner.

The Bright Butterflies dance is the ideal luminous performance for couples who want to surprise friends and relatives with romantic and exciting wedding entertainment made by artists for high-level weddings.

Light Entertainment for exclusive events

Light Entertainment is the most colorful and overwhelming wedding animation you can find. Characterized by hypnotic plays of light and suggestive colored trails, this led dance is indicated to involve and enchant guests during the DJ set.

The dancers move among the guests by spinning light balls. The goal is to create countless opportunities to interact with the audience. Accompanied by the music selection of the DJ, the artists give life to a performance with exciting and dynamic led lights. This kind of show is also useful to frame the magic of the first dance if the newlyweds so desire.

Day Welcome for a perfect hospitality

The Day Welcome by Lumen Invoco is the ideal itinerant animation to receive guests on arrival. Dancing with silk fans in bright colors, our artists entertain guests during the welcome drink.

The welcoming show is accompanied by the background music provided for this first phase of the party, during which the dancers move among the guests continuously changing their location. Unlike other performances, this welcome cocktail entertainment service is appreciated in the sunlight.


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