Led Graphic Show

Our led graphic show is perfect to surprise the audience of any event: corporate conventions, weddings, and private events such as birthday parties. Thanks to a sophisticated led technology, we can customize each choreography for companies, spouses, and celebrations.

Entertainment for corporate events

Our led-show with custom logos is undoubtedly the most innovative corporate event entertainment you can find. The performance with led lights is perfect to enhance the brand on the occasion of Gala dinners, presentations of new commercial products, and conventions. This kind of show is particularly suitable to be represented in villas, auditoriums, and conference rooms.

In obscurable venues, the show with custom graphics is an excellent solution to intersperse a business meeting day. Elegant dresses and futuristic outfits will further enhance the bright performance.

Technical data

Duration of the Show

The duration of our led show varies from 5 to 8.30 minutes.

Max Area

The size of the stage space is proportional to the number of performers involved: an area of 5 x 4 meters for three artists, 8 x 6 meters for five artists, and 14 x 10 meters for nine artists.

N. Performer

We play this kind of exhibition with three, five or nine performers.

Additional notes

A condition of darkness is necessary for a successful performance. If there are headlights or reflectors that diffuse a light-colored atmosphere or led wall, often used at business meetings, you get a beautiful scenic effect that enriches the performance.

Customized Led Show for the newlyweds

On the occasion of wedding receptions, we create a completely personalized wedding show. During the choreography, made by skilled artists for weddings specialized in entertainment, our led instruments reproduce hearts, images, and romantic chromatic fantasies in theme with the colors of the wedding.

Among endless colored trails that alternate with extreme synchrony to music time, they appear to great surprise the names of newlyweds and bespoke messages of thanks and welcome for the guests. It is such an original animation for exclusive weddings.

Custom led show for birthday parties

To surprise the guests with an exclusive Birthday Party, we create a custom birthday show during which we reproduce chromatic fantasies in line with the mood of the evening, the name of the birthday boy, the years, and written thanks or welcome that the protagonist of the evening wishes to dedicate to his guests.

Our led show is also a very original gift idea for birthdays. If it is a surprise show our bright choreography will reproduce a message of greetings and a special dedication through which you will understand the author of the gift.


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