Fire & Pyrotechnic Show

According to your needs, we create the most suitable fire show to surprise the guests of your party with professionalism, style, and elegance. The result will be entertainment shows with splendid visual and emotional impact.

Fire show for events

During each performance, our skilled artists dance using three techniques of fire: poid pois, flaming fans, and artificial fountains of cold fires. The effect of each instrument is amplified by enchanting choreographies, expertly made to amaze and excite the audience.

Exciting soundtracks, selected according to the theme party and the story we want to tell, accompany our fire performance, transporting the viewer in an atmosphere of magic, charm, and fun: a show for significant events exciting and addictive.

Technical data

Duration of the Show

The duration of the show is related to the type of event. On the occasion of a wedding or a private party, we present performances lasting 10/12 minutes. For public events, we offer exhibitions that last 15/20 minutes.

Max Area

The size of the stage space is directly proportional to the number of performers involved: an area of 8×8 meters for three artists, 12×10 meters for five artists, and 15×12 meters for nine artists.

N. Performers

We play this show for weddings and events with three, five, or nine artists.

Additional notes

We guarantee maximum cleanliness and protection of the scenic space using carpets on which we put our equipment. We also have specific insurance that protects our performers, the public, and the structure where we perform.

Medieval shows with fire

Our fire performances are the ideal solution for those looking for elegant and spectacular shows for weddings and private events. They contribute to leaving a remarkable memory of a luxury reception or an exclusive party. We also create bespoke company shows for dinners and meetings.

The solemn art of fire is also very suitable for the realization of medieval shows and the representation of themed shows for historical re-enactments, and patronal festivals organized in the most beautiful Italian villages.

Costumes for every show

Haute couture stage dresses, designed and packaged specifically for us, make our style unique and unmistakable and give elegance and refinement to the exhibition. Our scene costume creates suggestions and emotions.

The smiling faces of our fire artists, professionals of the visual and performing arts, complete the magic; the light of the flames illuminates their smiles and communicates to the audience an irrepressible emotion.


How do you want your event to be remembered?
What kind of experience would you like your guests to have?
Tell us about it, and starting from your ideas we will create the best entertainment for you.

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