How we develop our fire shows for weddings and events

Our artists perform fire shows with pyrotechnic finale in events and weddings: this is how all performances are born! From the evaluation of the location to the choreography.

Fire artists for events and weddings

A fire show comes from a great passion for our art and from the desire to leave a beautiful memory to every event.

We create fire shows for weddings, anniversaries and exclusive parties with the desire to make each event unique and special. We listen to the ideas of our customers, we examine the location and based on these elements we create a unique and personalized show.

Wedding entertainment

When we design a fire show we start by asking ourselves what we want to tell and what emotion we want each viewer to get. Every party has its atmosphere and its energy. Aligning with all this is the starting point for drafting a direction and for artistic choices.

The second phase is to evaluate the location that will host the event and assess its potential and the spaces that can frame the show. Our performances with fire are performed outdoors and a beautiful lawn is the perfect stage for an exhibition that will surprise the audience.

Personalized show for bride and groom

The soundtrack is a very powerful tool to tell our story to the public and invite them to take a journey into our magical world. For each show, therefore, we choose the most suitable background and, on its notes, we design and build our choreographies.

Depending on the type of event and above all based on the tastes of the married couple or the protagonists of the party, we create a personalized show that best suits their style. Sometimes, for our choreographies, we choose romantic and exciting musical pieces, other times more rhythmic and gritty songs.

Our fire performances

After creating the soundtrack, the choreographic construction work can begin. Depending on the nature of the event we will then create or show for the married couple, perfect to amaze guests while cutting the cake, or a show that celebrates an anniversary or a birthday party.

Spectacular pyrotechnic effects also announce the end of the performance and leave in every guest a great desire to dance, toast and have fun. The joy and emotion we read in the eyes of the spectators, are the motivation that always drives us to realize new projects.


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