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Lumen Invoco celebrates 20 years of shows for events

Performances for corporate Christmas dinners

A show for corporate events to differentiate your brand from competitors

LED Show in the streets of the city centers and bright performances in the square. Celebrate with our artists the arrival of Christmas.

Christmas LED Show for entertainment in the square

Our repertoire of shows for private events offers choreography, costumes and soundtracks that are perfect for a medieval style wedding in villages and castles.

Fire show for medieval style weddings

Have you ever thought of giving a bright entertainment show for the wedding of a loved one? A unique and impactful idea!

Give an entertainment show to surprise the bride and groom

We collaborate with Consuelo di Figlia Wedding Planner for exclusive weddings. Here are her tips on the choice of entertainment.

Consuelo Wedding Planner’s tips about wedding entertainment

Entertainment plays a key role in a wedding party. A show has the power to enhance even more a special moment like that of cutting the cake.

Why you should rely on wedding entertainment professionals

The wedding reception starts again, and together with them, the Lumen Invoco team return on stage again, with three new fire shows with a pyrotechnic ending.

Our new 2021 wedding shows

Plan small events with entertainment is always a good decision to give value and uniqueness to a party.

Entertainment for private events with few guests

Those who organize a private event wonder what requirements must have a location to host a fire show by Lumen Invoco.

How to choose the location for fire shows

Beautiful dancers with bright white dresses will envelop the audience in a warm and poetic atmosphere, creating the ideal setting for a fairytale wedding.

Bright butterflies: glow entertainment for wedding

Arte e tecnologia al servizio del brand. Il nostro spettacolo Led è uno degli show aziendali più originali in Italia.

How to enhance the corporate image with a Led Graphic Show

Andrea Senesi, the founder of Il Caffè degli Artisti, tells us the importance of music during an event.

Il Caffè degli Artisti and Lumen Invoco: shows with live music and DJ set

In this moment of stop for the event sector, we are planning new company shows for different events.

Led show for corporate events and inaugurations

Valentina Moneglia is Managing Director of Blanc Weddings. Here are her tips for the perfect entertainment for weddings.

Blanc Weddings and Lumen Invoco: the collaboration for exclusive weddings

Studio Fotografico Righi tells our art through memorable shots. We asked the team some questions related to the world of photos.

Studio Fotografico Righi, the memorable shots of our events

The reproduction of logos, messages and images makes our led graphic show a very original entertainment.

Custom led shows for every type of event

Together with Glenda Marradi, wedding planner of Il Giorno Perfetto, we create proper event-shows.

Glenda Marradi & Lumen Invoco together for unforgettable event-shows

Each show is a unique and original project, its organization requires time and commitment to all our artists.

How we develop our fire shows for weddings and events

Our artists of the Lumen Invoco team perform in customized shows for all kinds of corporate events.

How we develop our led show for corporate events

The right entertainment is the key to amaze all the guests at the wedding, leaving them an indelible memory.

Wedding day: impress guests with an unforgettable show