Lumen Invoco celebrates 20 years of shows for events

In 2023, we are celebrating a special company anniversary, ours. With this article, we want to thank all those who have relied on us to make their special event even more unforgettable.

20 years of unique events with you

The Lumen Invoco artistic project was born with a precise intent: to bring beauty on a special occasion, illuminate the heart of every viewer, and leave a memorable memory of the party.

During these years, we have had the opportunity to entertain the audience at important corporate events and numerous Gala Dinners, and we witnessed the happiness of many married couples who have chosen our entertainment shows to embellish their wedding. Each event was unique, and we put effort and passion into ensuring its success.

Shows for corporate events and exclusive parties together with our partners

We know the responsibilities due to the choice of the better entertainment for a company dinner. For the entrepreneur, it is an important day that reflects the brand’s reputation. As we know, for a Wedding Planner or a married couple, it is important to impress their guests with one thrilling spectacle.

For this reason, we want to say thanks to those who have chosen us as partners to surprise the public with exclusive events. We are grateful for all the challenges you have proposed us, because they allowed us to create new spectacular entertainment services.

Ideas for original events thanks to the Lumen Invoco team

We also thank all our team of professional artists, who worked with dedication to achieving ever more ambitious goals. Without them, the design of suggestive customized led shows and the realization of elegant fire performances would not have been possible.

If today we are here to celebrate our twentieth anniversary, it is thanks to the values shared and expressed by each performer. We look forward to continuing this adventure and realizing together performances for corporate events are always the most original and unforgettable shows for your special day.


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