Fire show for medieval style weddings

What could be better than a performance by beautiful fire artists to accompany the celebrations of a medieval wedding? Our Lumen Invoco team has studied an original and striking artistic proposal, perfect for this occasion.

Our entertainment in medieval style

The idea of organizing a medieval wedding reception and using entertainment shows for weddings that we usually play during medieval festivals, and historical re-enactments, is becoming increasingly popular among married couples, courtship, and events in the square.

With its medieval villages and magnificent castles, Tuscany is the Italian region that best hosts this event. Locations for weddings such as Castello di Vincigliata, Borgo di Castelfalfi or Castello il Palagio are perfect for a themed wedding with a medieval character.

Fire and pyrotechnic effects for cutting the cake

A fire show with pyrotechnic effects is one of the most suitable entertainment performances for the evening. The moment of the cake cut embellished by the art of fire, manipulated by beautiful professional artists, will leave a wonderful memory in the heart of all the guests present.

To enrich the show, we use sparkling red dresses perfectly suited to a medieval festival. Fast and energetic soundtracks with an epic character will complete the magic by transporting newlyweds and guests to another time. It is an original idea for an unforgettable party.

Entertain the public with the Lumen Invoco shows

The pyrotechnic finale of our artists, specialized in fire techniques, is performed with fireworks of cold fires and is the ideal conclusion to convey to the public the desire to continue the party with fun.

The glittering effects of our instruments are also an excellent alternative to classic fireworks, especially when the structure does not allow fireworks. Its particularity makes this entertainment service for weddings the most appreciated and requested by couples.


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