Bright butterflies: glow entertainment for wedding

The dance of the Bright Butterflies is the ideal wedding entertainment for couples who want to surprise the audience and make the moment of cutting the cake even more special. An original idea that will make every wedding reception unforgettable.

Show of bright butterflies to enchant guests

Elegant and sinuous artists will entertain the guests through a harmonious dance that evokes the flight of butterflies. Our performers will embellish every ceremony by transporting the audience into a magical world full of enchantment.

The choice of fine fabrics and the thousand led lights applied one by one with great precision, make our bright wings the undisputed protagonists of the show. Thanks to the meticulousness and care employed by expert costume designers, every stage dress is a true masterpiece of tailoring.

Evocative led performance with the dance of bright butterflies

The dance of bright butterflies is the show for the bride and groom that lends itself to create an exciting memory. Overwhelming music and beautiful plays of light, which in the dark create the suggestion of an enchanting starry sky, will be the ideal setting for an unforgettable cut of the cake.

This original led show, with a refined and strong scenic impact, is designed for weddings and exclusive receptions. Each spectator will be enchanted by the engaging choreography and the charisma of the Lumen Invoco team.

Bright butterflies to accompany a dinner show

The bright butterflies show, with a strong and energetic soul, is the ideal solution to create a pleasant interlude during dinner. This sophisticated performance is perfect to accompany a dinner show, too. Alternatively, it is possible to present this glow dance during the dj set, offering to your guests real wedding entertainment.

We propose the exhibition that best reflects the needs of the bride and groom, through the study of the location that will host the show of our bright butterflies. As usual, our goal is to make your marriage amazing.


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