Custom led shows for every type of event

Our led graphic show really surprises the public of any event: weddings, business dinners and birthday parties. Thanks to sophisticated and innovative technology, each choreography can be entirely made to measure for companies, spouses and celebrates.

Light and led performance for the wedding

On the occasion of weddings we create a show for newlyweds, where, through our LED tools, we reproduce hearts, images and romantic chromatic fantasies in theme with the mood of the party. The splendid play of light will represent a magical frame that will enhance the cutting of the cake.

The performance with LED lights can also include the reproduction of the names of the spouses or special messages that will amaze all the public present. Among endless coloured trails that alternate with extreme synchrony in time to music, personalized writings and greetings messages will then appear.

Personalized led show for corporate events

Our performance is particularly suitable for events that take place inside villas, castles and meeting rooms. During company dinners, meetings and conventions, we personalize the LED show by inserting images, messages, numbers and above all the company logo within the visual sequence.

The personalization of the logo is the surprise effect that makes our LED show one of the most original entertainment for corporate events that can be found. It is perfect for enhancing the brand during a corporate anniversary and during the launch of a new product or brand.

Celebrate your birthday with custom led messages

The performance with LED lights can also include the projection of the names of the protagonists of the party. This originality makes the show of our performers perfectly suited to enhance birthday parties and wedding anniversaries, giving guests unique entertainment.

On the occasion of birthday parties, we personalize the show by reproducing the name of the birthday boy/girl, his/her years and any special message he/she wishes to communicate with their guests. During wedding anniversaries the names of the spouses and greeting phrases will appear on request.


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