Custom led show for the 20 years of Net Studio

The famous Hard Rock Cafe in Florence hosted a very special Christmas dinner for Net Studio employees. They gathered together to celebrate the milestone of the company’s twentieth birthday together. Our performers performed for the occasion.

Private led show for the 20 years of Net Studio

Net Studio S.p.a. he has worked for decades throughout Italy and abroad in the field of IT consultancy and the ad hoc development of governance systems for companies, organizations and institutions, always paying particular attention to the concepts of “security” and “identity” in Information Technology.

To celebrate its first 20 years of activity, the management decided to organize an event with private shows for its employees, at the Hard Rock Cafè in Florence and, given the proximity of the special anniversary with the winter holidays, to wish them all a happy Christmas.

The led dance of our artists

To make the evening even more memorable, Maurizio Pratesi and his associates have chosen our entertainment for corporate events, made with innovative LED equipment. The most appropriate solution to amaze and surprise all guests during an exclusive party.

A rhythmic and energetic led dance, performed by our dancers with luminous spheres capable of creating brilliant colored trails and hypnotic play of light, fascinated and amazed the audience immediately after the end of the conference and accompanied the guests during the start of the buffet dinner.

Our personalized led show

The Lumen Invoco Led Graphic Show, a tailor-made entertainment show for companies, was the big and unexpected surprise of the evening. The graphics reproduced through our luminous performance have been entirely personalized with Christmas patterns and greetings.

The guests were very excited when the led show made Net Studio S.p.a. the undisputed protagonist of the event. The appearance of its logo has in fact aroused a great amazement among the guests, so much so that many of them, personally went to congratulate our artists.


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