New Year 2020 in Amalfi: our fire show

Our artists were the protagonists of the new year 2020 in Amalfi, on the splendid Amalfi Coast. The show we organized took place in Piazza del Duomo in front of an enthusiastic audience.

An evening of joy and celebration enhanced by the intensity of the fire, the brilliance of the led lights and the explosiveness of the fireworks in Amalfi.

Our return to Amalfi led to the birth of a new magnificent show entirely created to celebrate New Year’s Eve and to fascinate the public who came to the square for the celebrations. The splendid cathedral of Sant’Andrea was the backdrop for the entire exhibition.

The new year celebrations in Amalfi

After participating for two consecutive editions in the famous Byzantine New Year, an important historical re-enactment involving all the municipalities of the Amalfi Coast, the Municipality of Amalfi and Agostino della Pietra, they asked us for a new exhibition to celebrate the start of the new year in Piazza Duomo.

Our performers were therefore warmly welcomed once again by the beautiful city of Amalfi, and by the splendid public that makes us feel at home every time. The events of this splendid city are always a big party and represent the perfect frame for our art.

Our performance with fire and led

Our fire show took place in front of the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea and was accompanied by scenographies of led light games and beautiful pyrotechnic effects, created by Agostino della Pietra, artistic director of the evening and of the most prestigious events taking place in Amalfi.

During our exhibition, the Duomo and its imposing staircase were expertly enhanced by numerous plays of light that illuminated the cathedral. These effects, combined with our fire show and LED lights, have created a scenario of great impact that has thrilled the public.

Fireworks, music and our art

The most anticipated show on New Year’s Eve was the beautiful and very famous firework display in Amalfi. Considered the most beautiful in Italy, they always attract a large number of tourists along the entire coast and it was a great honor and privilege for us to be able to admire them live.

Michele Abbagnara, official photographer of Amalfi, gives us with each of his shots, a portrait of this magical city, full of culture and traditions, immortalizing the beauty of every public event, such as New Year, Epiphany, historical re-enactments, processions religious and folk festivals.


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