Poid Pois for entertainment shows

The passion for the Poid Pois was the initial spark that united our team Lumen Invoco. We enjoyed both the benefits of practicing this art and its spiritual aspect. From here came the idea of sharing it with many other people.

Poid Pois performances for events and entertainment

The Poid Pois is a performative art originating in New Zealand. The Maori indigenous practiced it to keep the body energetic and flexible and to develop coordination. Always combined with music and dance, it lends itself to enchant the viewer with its impressive visual effects.

Our professionals in the field have been able to combine the beauty of an ancient art, the spectacularity of a innovative performance. The ancestral attraction for the fire and the enchantment for what the new led technologies allow us to achieve, create a show for any type of entertainment.

Exclusive parties and wedding with Poid Pois performance

The art of Poid Pois is an original form of entertainment for large events, exclusive parties, or intimate weddings. A fire show with a pyrotechnic ending made by our professionals in the industry is able to make the moment of cutting the cake during a wedding reception unique.

A corporate event, whether it be the presentation of a new product or an anniversary, is instead the ideal setting for our LED show with a customizable logo. With the Led Graphic Show you can customize any type of graphics, making the brand unique and true protagonist of the party.

Our dancers and performers for the Poid Pois art

As in any other artistic discipline, the essential component is undoubtedly constituted by the performers, who in this case become, as well as good artists, entertainment professionals. For this reason, the Lumen Invoco team uses the maximum effort in the preparation of its components.

Over the years, in fact, young and talented girls have been carefully selected and trained, not only technically, but also professionally. To date, the team has three teams of performers specialized in the art of Poid Pois as a form of entertainment for events.


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