Tepidarium del Roster

Wonderful location in the heart of the city of Florence. The Tepidarium is a wonderful example of Art Nouveau architecture, a greenhouse now used as a location for decidedly original events and weddings.

Shows for weddings and events

Right in the heart of Florence, between the second half of the 1800s and the first decades of the 1900s, the Tepidarium del Roster was born, an architectural jewel in liberty style located in the Horticultural Garden, a green space that skillfully mixes history, art and a pinch of exotic charm.

This beautiful greenhouse today is a popular location for weddings, business dinners and exclusive events. The huge panes of glass that cover the structure create the perfect setting for our fire shows for weddings and our company shows.

Entertainment at Tepidarium del Roster

The Tepidarium’s considerable size allows us to perform both inside and outside the building. For the interior we offer the spectacular Led Graphic Show with which we customize logos and personalized messages and the colorful led animation, perfect for dancing guests during the dj set.

The outdoor garden, on the other hand, is the ideal setting to stage our fire shows, perfect for enhancing the moment of cutting the cake for weddings, fantastic for offering high-impact entertainment during a company dinner or a private party.

Our performances in Florence

The magic and atmosphere that can be created at the Roster’s Tepidarium is something incredibly magical. The greenhouse carefully lit from within with clever plays of light, constitutes a splendid scenography that during our fire show plays a decisive role.

Photographers and video makers, thanks to the wonderful scenery, are able to create true works of art. The blue, purple and pink headlights with which the structure is illuminated, act as a backlight to the warm tones of our fire, creating the perfect contrast for the excellent success of a shot or video.


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