18° birthday party collaborating with Il Giardino delle Fate

We know Elena and Sandra, owner and stylist of “Il Giardino delle Fate” from the first years of our activity and it is always an honor to collaborate with great professionals like them. Combining the magic of fire and light with the wonder of their floral arrangements is a unique visual experience.

A show for the 18th birthday party with Il Giardino delle Fate

Elena is the engine of the Il Giardino Delle Fate team. Creative, dynamic and constantly looking for new inspirations, she has always been in love with our fire shows and whenever she has the opportunity she offers our customers our shows.

Sandra, extrovert, empathic and always up to date on new trends, is always very attentive to every detail: “We often collaborate with Lumen Invoco, skilled and original performers, with a result that is always perfect and of great style. We are happy to have them as partners in our events to which they add magic and absolute beauty.”

Our entertainment for the 18th birthday party

Their floral arrangements are proof that beauty lies in the details. “It is only thanks to the careful planning of every moment and the care of every detail, that an event takes shape and becomes simply unforgettable”.

This philosophy is the key to the success of an event and based on this idea we collaborate side by side in many events, from weddings to company parties to private parties like this 18th birthday. Our common goal is to create a unique evening made of perfumes, colors and great entertainment. When the light of our fire is framed by a floral decoration of great quality the effect is amplified.

Together with the team of Il Giardino delle Fate, we stage ad hoc shows for every type of event. Just Sunday, June 27 we collaborated in the creation of a beautiful eighteenth. Elena and Sandra proposed to Alessandra, the birthday girl, our art as entertainment for the evening.

She liked the idea immediately and from that moment we started planning the show. Alessandra and her family totally entrusted us with the artistic choices and after visiting the location where the event was to take place, we decided to propose two entertainment performances.

Our performance for the birthday girl

The first performance took place during the dinner between the first and second course. Wearing an elegant red dress, we surprised the guests with a luminous performance realized with our LED techniques.

One by one we entered the scene scattering among the tables and giving a moment of joy and lightness during this first phase of the party. Our light games framed by the splendor of Elena and Sandra’s flower design on the tables have created a wonderful and high-impact setting.

Before cutting the cake instead, by a cleverly lit swimming pool, Alessandra amazed her guests with a fire show accompanied by melodic and danceable songs, perfect for the young audience.

The entire exhibition was carefully studied taking into account the measurements of the stage space, and each song was chosen with the intention of creating an atmosphere of joy and desire to party. During the show all the boys were completely enchanted and recorded the performance with their mobile phone, so as to preserve a memory of the splendid evening.


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