Destination Wedding: what can't be missed in the reception planning

Destination Wedding, the experience of pronouncing the fateful YES in a dream location far from home, is an increasingly popular trend, especially in Italy. This adventure, thanks to the right location and a team of reliable suppliers, will be an opportunity for the couple and guests to spend a genuine vacation together.

Luxury reception locations: the foundation for a successful wedding

Many couples choose Italy to celebrate their wedding and share such a special day with their loved ones. The goal of the newlyweds is to have their guests experience relaxation and fun, surrounded by postcard-perfect scenery.

The first step in planning a luxury reception is choosing the most suitable location. Identifying a facility that is equipped with every comfort, has the right number of accommodations, and is well connected to the airport will allow guests coming from all over the world to be better able to manage their transfer.

Destination Wedding Planner for the marriage organization

Of course the couple want to make their wedding reception enjoyable for everyone, included themselves. We recommend to rely on a local Destination Wedding Planner. This professional figure knows the region, local traditions and can guide the couple in choosing the ideal venue, the most reliable suppliers and planning the day.

An Event Planner, will also be able to offer the newlyweds creative ideas related to guest reception and entertainment-a key aspect that makes a reception dynamic, fun and full of surprises.

Entertaining guests with unforgettable performances

During a Destination Wedding, there can be no shortage of top-notch performers putting on shows never seen elsewhere. There are so many ideas to enchant the audience: they can range from elegant led performances that intersperse the dinner to spectacular fire shows that will leave everyone speechless at the cutting of the cake.

If you are looking for ideas for your Made in Italy wedding entertainment, Our Lumen Invoco team, a professional company in the Destination Wedding Tuscany industry and beyond, will be able to help you package an even more lasting memory of your reception.


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