Villa Mocale

For couples who choose to get married at Villa Mocale, we have created something so special. Suggestive and exciting fire and led shows and colorful animation for weddings. They are ideal to surprise guests during dinner, the cutting of the cake, or during the DJ set.

Lumen Invoco fire and led show at Villa Mocale

Villa Mocale, a historic Florentine residence, is one of the most prestigious venues for weddings in Tuscany. The estate allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Chianti hills. Moreover, that landscape, so poetic, is the perfect setting for our wedding entertainment shows.

The villa offers different spaces to host our entertainment services for ceremonies. The medieval courtyard and the panoramic terrace are the ideal stages for a fire show by Lumen Invoco and an unforgettable cut of the cake.

Amaze guests with entertainment for weddings

At the end of the dinner, the lights go down and the performance begins in front of the bride and groom. An exciting soundtrack accompanies the performance while the audience is enveloped by the warmth and magic of fire techniques, skillfully manipulated by three artists.

Our entertainment services for weddings represent an original idea to impress guests during a wedding reception. They are also a great alternative to the classic fireworks show.

Entertainment with lights and music

The terrace is also perfect to host our beautiful Led Graphic Show, a light entertainment show run with innovative led lights tools. During our choreography, we can reproduce names, custom messages for guests, and romantic images.

Our dancers can then perform LED dances, perfect to accompany guests in the rooms inside the villa, where the DJ set will be held. Through bright spheres that create colorful trails of lights, the artists will animate the audience and will be the frame at the time of the first dance of the bride and groom.

LED Graphic Show to customize private and corporate events

The LED show with custom graphics is perfect for meetings, business dinners, and conferences too. Villa Mocale has very spacious and well-equipped indoor rooms to host this show, even during the winter season.

During a company event, we present a performance during which we reproduce the logo of the company. All so that the brand is the real protagonist of the evening. Led Graphic Show is also one of the most suitable corporate shows for Christmas dinners and Gala evenings.


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