Crab Restaurant

Crab Restaurant hosts classy celebrations organized by the wedding planner Glenda Marradi. It is a yachting club, for this reason it allows future spouses to rent boats and benefit from the beautiful sea view. It is also very suitable to accommodate our shows of fire and led.

Location for an exclusive wedding overlooking the sea

Crab Restaurant is one of the most exclusive wedding venues in La Spezia, Liguria. Located by the sea and surrounded by nature, it is the perfect place to celebrate elegant weddings enjoying a unique panorama.

The peculiarity of getting married at the Crab Restaurant is the possibility for every bride to reach the location by boat and make her entrance from the sea. Upon arrival, the bride will find a carefully arranged garden waiting for her, her future groom, and all the guests ready to attend a memorable and exciting ceremony.

Fire shows and light games in the gardens of the Crab

The beautiful gardens of Crab Restaurant are also the ideal setting for hosting the evocative entertainment shows for weddings offered by our team Lumen Invoco. Each performance is designed to make perfect the moment of the cake cut and the DJ set. After dinner in the beautiful open room, the magic begins.

Glenda Marradi, the wedding planner who organizes every wedding at Crab, often offers couples our fire shows for events with sparkling fireworks, our bright performances, and colorful animation for weddings with led lights.

Our performances for unforgettable wedding shows

At the Crab, Glenda also had organized an amazing wedding show. An exclusive event dedicated to the future bride and groom, during which she brought together great professionals of the wedding sector in Tuscany and Liguria: the atelier Le Spose di Rosy, the musicians and DJs of Il Caffè degli Artisti, the videomakers of the team SR Multimedia, Laura Baldini Photography and Diego Fuochi d’Artificio.

For the occasion, our artists have created a truly magical exhibition where the spectacular fireworks of Diego were the backdrop to the fire choreography. The breathtaking view made everything even more special.


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