Surprise show for the wedding of Simona and Alessandro

Simona’s wedding was for all of us Lumen Invoco a very exciting event. It is also thanks to her contribution as a performer that the group today participates in weddings and events more and more exclusive, bringing on stage entertainment shows of great level.

Fire and Led show at Villa di Striano

Simona and Alessandro have chosen to celebrate their wedding reception at Villa di Striano, one of the most exclusive historical locations in Mugello. A beautiful park that surrounds the area dedicated to dinner and the breathtaking view that you can admire from the terrace have been the setting for the entire evening.

Inspired by the beauty of the structure, Sinaida and the girls have designed the gift for the bride and groom: a new show of fire and a performance with led lights entirely customized. Fabrizio instead, who has always designed and made our costumes, has made the wedding dress for Simona.

Fire and pyrotechnic effects to enchant the public

Our surprise for Simona and Alessandro was well organized. After the dinner, two performers led the couple on the terrace, where, on the notes of a romantic and suggestive soundtrack, a fire show enriched by sparkling pyrotechnic effects enchanted the audience.

Simona knows well our entertainment services for weddings and amaze her was not easy. Alessandro, on the other hand, had never seen our exhibition with fire or led techniques and did not imagine that he would see one on his wedding day. It was a very exciting moment.

A romantic LED dance around the spouses

The second surprise was revealed at the time of the first dance, during which we made a wonderful choreography around the couple with our LED instruments. The reproduction of romantic fantasies and especially the personalization of the names of the bride and groom aroused great enthusiasm.

After the custom led show, our wedding animation with its enchanting light effects involved the audience. But seeing Simona and all the first artists of Lumen Invoco team dance with our bright spheres will remain the most beautiful memory of the evening.


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